The XM29 OICW (an acronym of Objective Individual Combat Weapon) is an American/German bullpup rifle with grenade launcher module used by Colonel Tan-Sun Moon in Die Another Day, as well as by James Bond and Phoenix International soldiers in Nightfire.



  • The primary XM29 prop.
  • The secondary XM29 prop.

In Die Another Day, Colonel Tau-Sun Moon uses the XM29, which Moon calls the "Tank Buster", during the film's pre-credit sequence.

A real XM29 was not available for movie use, since only first level production had been done on the project by the prime military contractors. Instead, the film's armourer, Bapty & Co., made two replica XM29s based on the 2002 model that had the same basic shell.

The primary one was built on a Heckler & Koch G36. A selector switch was made to mechanically change the single trigger on the G36 to function either the G36 or the special 20mm upper firearm. Karl built a complete action with multiple cam rotating bolt head, magazine and feeding system so that the fake 20mm cartridges (with a Swanson .357 blank inside) would cycle out of the weapon.

The secondary prop was made with a Micro Uzi embedded in the upper prop shell. A long Uzi magazine was also modified to slide inside the prop magazine. The lower part of the weapon was also a G36, as in the primary prop. A special selector was made to transfer trigger pull from firing the G36 to the Micro Uzi.

Video games

AIMS-20 (Nightfire, GC) 1

The AIMS-20 seen in the GameCube version of Nightfire.

In Nighfire, the XM29, known as the as the "Advanced Individual Munitions System-20", or "AIMS-20" for short, can be used by the player (James Bond) or Phoenix International soldiers. It can fire 5.56mm rifle rounds or 20mm HE-Frag grenade rounds, both of which are targeted via a built-in Infra-Red scope.


  • The XM29's appearance was the second (and, so far, last) appearance of a mockup of the weapon in a film. A mockup based on the Heckler & Koch MP5 first appeared in the 1999 film Universal Soldier: The Return. However, the weapon has appeared in many video games, such as Nightfire.