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The yo-yo- thug, right before his death.

The Yo-yo Thug, or Thug with Yo-yo, was a fictional unnamed assassin in the employ of the Indian gang leader, Mufti. A minor antagonist portrayed by Indian actor, William Derrick, he appeared in the 1983 James Bond film, Octopussy.


Working for Mufti, the unnamed 'yo-yo thug' is a silent assassin who wields a lethal buzz-saw yo-yo. During the events of Octopussy, Afghan prince Kamal Khan contracts the help of Mufti and his gang of assasins to kill James Bond as he stays at Octopussy's Floating Palace. Later that evening, Vijay, an ally of Bond, is attacked by henchmen and Gobinda orders the yo-yo thug to kill him. Shortly afterwards, the yo-yo thug and his fellow assassins enter the Floating Palace. Moving around the balcony overlooking the bedroom, the assassin attempts to kill 007 as he and Octopussy lie in bed but Bond notices water dripping from the thug's saw blade and evades his attack seconds before he strikes. The spy eventually gains the upper hand and pulls the assassin over the balcony using the weapon's cable. They brawl before falling into the water, where the thug is mauled by a crocodile.

Behind the scenes

Actor William Derrick was injured during filming of the Pinewood scenes inside Octopussy's bed chamber. Having unilaterally removed supports from the balcony to get closer to the edge, he fell and broke his left arm.[1] Having already filmed most of the character's scenes, the actor returned to finish the sequence with his arm in a cast.[1] The character's unique Yo-yo saw was an idea conceived by initial writer George MacDonald Fraser.[1] Two practical effects were created for its scenes: one which functioned like a Yo-Yo and a functional, motor-driven buzz-saw blade on the end of a pole-arm.[1]


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