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Zora was one of two fictional gypsy girls fighting for the love of the chief's son. She appeared in the 1963 James Bond film From Russia with Love and was portrayed by actress Martine Beswick, who would return to the 007 franchise several years later as Paula Caplan in Thunderball.


Zora and Vida are in love in the same man, the chief's son.

First they are brought to Bond and his Turkish ally Ali Kerim Bey, who participate in the meal on the table with Vavra during the party in honor of the Bey. Vavra question they do not want to decide the chosen otherwise but the two begin to wrestle in the camp ground the punches, kicks and falls; while fighting, the camp is invaded by Krilencu, a assassin working for SMERSH and his henchmen, who intend to kill Kerim Bey. During the battle, that follows Bond saves the life of Vavra and when it ends with the expulsion of the invaders, 007 asks him to prevent the fight between the two continue. As a favor to Bond, Vavra then delivers the decision to him and sends you both to spend the night together with the spy, sleeping with them. The next day, the two appear Bond tending their wounds and repairing their clothes torn in the struggle. When he is gone, they say goodbye together and do not know Bond's decision.

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